I Ching (Lo Scarabeo) - CARDS

Pack information: 78 cards with booklet
Card dimensions: 70 x 120 mm
Author: Pietro Alligo 

"They say: Magical Spell Cards are enchanted, loving helpers created by Lucy Cavendish to help you tap in to the mystical powers of the Universe - and thus enrich your life. 

They say: The Book of Changes, I Ching, composed of 64 hexagrams each of which includes a judgement, is an ancient Chinese text considered the best source for Eastern philosophy and wisdom. Tradition attributes the conception of an initial text to Emperor Fu Xi who lived during the third millennium before the Christian era. Much later, in 1150 BC ca., King Wen and his son developed this text. During the 5th century BC, Confucius wrote the comments, making it public. This is how it became recognized as one of the five Confucian classics and was called I Ching or the Book of Changes. 

In Eastern and Western tradition, the universe follows the law of dualism, or rather; everything has within itself its own opposite, thus causing the cosmic dynamism of death and rebirth, the passive and the active. In the East, that which is active is called Yang, and its opposite, passive, is called Yin. The cosmic law which governs them is the law of continuous change which is called Tao, the most profound and vastest symbol of the Chinese culture, considered the harmony of everything: that is,the Road to Illumination. Tao is therefore the Road which encourages man to understand and accept nature and its laws in order to become one with it. 

During divining, the 64 I Ching responses will always provide pertinent answers, suggesting how to behave in various situations or before making a decision. The response will help between one decision and another regarding love, profession, or what to do in the future. Each card of the book of I Ching bears the hexagram and number corresponding to the original I Ching text, whereas each response in cursive points out the judgement's primary meaning.